Meet our WP2 Leader!

Name: Jana Fahning
Institution: SubCtech GmbH – Ocean Monitoring department
My role in Nautilos: As leader of WP2 I have to ensure that the technical requirements are made to operate all sensors and samplers developed within Nautilos on the existing platforms of the Nautilos partners. The challenge is to find requirements that suit all sensors, even though some are very different in their needs. Apart from that I am Task leader of Task 4.3 where we develop a submersible microplastic sampler for studies of ocean plastic pollution. Such devices exist for the sea surface but taking multiple samples in the lower water column will help understanding the plastic problem better.

Who am I: I studied maritime technologies in Bremerhaven-Germany. After that I started to work as a development engineer for marine sensors. I recently took over the lead of the ocean monitoring department at SubCtech in Kiel. The health of the ocean and marine environment is important to me, coming from a family of sailors the water is my element. This was one of the reasons why I chose a job in the maritime industry.