Summer Course e-modules

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the integration of technology and digital resources has become indispensable. The inaugural Nautilos Summer Course represents a significant step in leveraging the potential of e-modules to enrich the learning experience, ensuring that even those who couldn’t physically attend the initiative, can benefit.

The e-modules here are thoughtfully designed digital learning resources that serve as a long-lasting evidence of the topics addressed and discussions that took place during this initiative. They are offering a dynamic and interactive platform for acquiring knowledge and skills.

Monitoring methods for plastic pollution in the marine environment

Welcome to an enlightening e-module that delves into the world of plastic and microplastic pollution research, featuring insights from Dr. Amy Lusher, a Senior Research Scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research. In this program, we explore the critical role of the Global Plastics Treaty in understanding and mitigating plastic pollution from its sources to the sea.

Citizen science in practice

Welcome to an insightful e-module that shines a spotlight on the dynamic field of marine litter research and the role of citizen science in combating litter and plastic pollution. In this program, you’ll discover the passionate individuals and innovative technologies driving this critical endeavor.

Carbon, phytoplankton and suspended matter sensors and samplers

Welcome to our comprehensive e-module focusing on oceanography, biogeochemistry, and cutting-edge instruments used to explore the coastal and open oceans. Throughout this program, you’ll gain insights from experts in the field and learn about the innovative technologies that drive scientific research in marine environments.

Active acoustic profiler & sound and click recorder sensor

Join us in an enlightening e-module that delves into the world of marine measurements, underwater sensing, and advanced technologies designed to collect and communicate crucial data from the depths of our oceans. This program explores the innovations and expertise of professionals at Aquatec Group, a pioneering company in this field.