During the EMODnet Ingestion Annual Assembly meeting,  the potential role of NAUTILOS in supporting and facilitating data transfer within the wider framework of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) was presented by ETT (partner in NAUTILOS and EMODnet Ingestion): NAUTILOS has the potential to cooperate with EMODnet Data Ingestion, which focuses on facilitating new and potential data providers to ingest their marine datasets for further processing, to publish as open data and to contribute to applications for society, and NAUTILOS could have a role in establishing a machine-to-machine transfer of the NRT data from monitoring stations as a public service.

These opportunities of collaboration are in line with NAUTILOS primary goals, and namely with the efforts to expand current European observational tools and services, and to enable and democratize the monitoring of the marine environment for both traditional and non-traditional data users.

More information on the EMODnet ingestion: https://www.emodnet-ingestion.eu/