In the scope of project CIU3A, NAUTILOS and AEROS, CIMA researchers João Janeiro and Lara Mills were at Escola Básica da Lejana (Faro), asking the students for help on the important task of giving a name to CIMA’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

In cooperation with the Portuguese Navy since early 2019, CIMA is using AUV technology to collect valuable ocean information in a periodic way, which will be used to better understand the regional ocean dynamics, develop more accurate ocean forecasts to support the region’s blue economy and maritime safety, and evaluate climatic trends.

 With all its effort and responsibility, CIMA’s AUV was long waiting for a proper name!

The young generation of oceanographers loved the challenge and after a short talk on what being an oceanographer is all about, and the need to better understand the ocean, some cool names started to emerge from their creative minds. In the end, Shark Max was the most voted name by class, and it’s now the official name of CIMA’s AUV.

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