Our policy brief, jointly developed with EuroSea and other key European projects was presented at the European Maritime day. The PB advanced five recommendations for the betterment of links between Blue Economy and ocean knowledge.

This workshop discussed the value of a coordinated, sustained, and fit-for-purpose ocean observing and information systems serving policy, industry, and wider society. Experts and audience debated how this might be achieved through, among others, European framework and national commitments, efficient science-policy interface, as well as public-private partnerships. The workshop looked ahead at the opportunities, gaps, and priorities to reach the European Green Deal objectives. The event was organised by EuroSea, EMODnet, and Blue-Cloud with contributions from NAUTILOS, EuroFleets+, iAtlantic, and ODYSSEA.


  • Dina Eparkhina, EuroSea/EuroGOOS
  • Sara Pittonet, Blue-Cloud
  • Kate Larkin, EMODnet
  • Andreea Strachinescu, EC DG MARE
  • Laurence Crosnier, Copernicus Marine Service | Mercator Ocean International
  • Nadia Pinardi, University of Bologna/EuroSea
  • Marco Filippone, FUGRO
  • Anton Ellenbroek, FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture/Blue Cloud
  • Alessandra Giorgetti | OGS, EMODnet Chemistry Coordinator
  • Joana Beja, EMODnet Biology


    • Dick Schaap, MARIS, Netherlands