CNR-ISMAR participated to the “Researcher’s Night 2022” (30 September 2022) in Venezia (Italy), together with the high-school students and teachers from the Zaccagna-Galilei Institute (Carrara, Italy). During the event, posters and a video presentation of the project “Why marine science matter for ocean conservation? A photographic/art contest dedicated and reserved to the schools, for the elaboration of posters or audio-video on the role of scientific knowledge in the conservation of the oceans” were promoted to the participants. A photographic contest will open on January 2023 as a result of the synergy among NAUTILOS project and BlueNight Project this last coordinated by CNR-ISMAR. Finally, during the same event (“Researcher’s Night 2022”), the results of the previous “photographic contest” organized by the same high-school in collaboration with CNR-ISMAR during the previous months were showcased (“PLASTIC CLICK” – a photographic competition on the theme of the marine litter”.