CNR-ISMAR organized the final events of the “ML-CSA” and “ML-DAR” initiatives on 17/5/2022 which were carried out at the mouth of the river Arno (Marina di Pisa, Italy), in collaboration with INGV, the involved classes of the Capellini Sauro Institute of La Spezia, the divers of the La Spezia police group, the San Rossore Park Authority, the “Ambienti Magri” association of Pisa, the INGV and CNR-IFC. Thanks to the presence of a CNR-IFC drone, a live streaming was also conducted, to allow additional students from other schools (not physically present at the site) to participate remotely. Students were able to follow the progress of the experiment in the following days by means of the specific web app developed during the project. The news were disseminated through CNR institutional channels, newsletters and the ISMAR-CNR website, as well as through a You Tube video which is available here.