HCMR-IMBBC within the framework of Nautilos activities collaborated with the Erasmus+ programme “From Local to Global Environmental Awareness“ and participated in the 4th transnational meeting about “Plastic Pollution in the Mediterranean” which took place in the 12th High School of Heraklion during 10 – 14 October 2022. More than 40 students and teachers from high schools of Greece, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Portugal participated in this programme. IMBBC implemented an in-class presentation for the pollution of the sea by plastics and micro-plastics and organized a beach cleaning campaign in Arina Beach (Heraklion). Finally, IMBBC performed hands on experiments for a demonstration of the different ways to collect, isolate and identify the origin of microplastics. In addition, a Mobile phone application created by ETT called the AlgaWarning App was used by the students to collect photos of phytoplankton cells.

Press release in local language: http://12gym-irakl.ira.sch.gr/wordpress/?p=4891