On May 30-31, 2024, Nautilos proudly participated in the European Maritime Day (EMD) held at the SIMAC Academy – Svendborg International Maritime Academy in Svendborg, Denmark. This prestigious annual event welcomed more than 1,100 members of Europe’s maritime community for two days of networking, discussions, and collaborations focused on maritime affairs and sustainable blue economy initiatives.

EMD is widely recognized as a premier platform where “Ocean Leaders Meet,” providing an interactive environment to address a wide range of topics related to the blue economy and marine environment. The 2024 edition continued this tradition, featuring dynamic sessions and opportunities for stakeholders to exchange ideas and strategies for advancing the maritime sector.

Nautilos played a significant role in the event by presenting its groundbreaking technology and project outcomes. The booth garnered considerable attention as visitors explored Nautilos’ innovative solutions designed to enhance ocean observation and promote sustainable marine practices.

Among the highlights of Nautilos’ showcase were 11 state-of-the-art sensors and samplers, demonstrating the project’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of marine technology.

The event proved to be highly fruitful for Nautilos, as the team successfully established over 50 new contacts with interested parties and potential collaborators. This networking opportunity is expected to pave the way for future partnerships and projects aimed at furthering the goals of sustainable maritime development.

Nautilos extends its gratitude to all the visitors and partners who engaged with them during the event and looks forward to continued contributions to the maritime community.