CNR-ISMAR participated to the Remote Sensing for Marine Litter Workshop 2023 at ESA-ESTEC, Netherlands from 16 to 17 October 2023. The workshop, held under the overarching theme of “Today’s Possibilities, Tomorrow’s Innovation: State of the art, challenges, and future directions,” aimed to provide a platform for experts and enthusiasts from various disciplines to share their research and insights about remote sensing of marine litter, fostering valuable discussions and networking opportunities. The primary objective of the event was to confront the enduring challenge of marine pollution, particularly stemming from plastic contaminants. The workshop’s format, designed to encourage close and informal interactions between experts, has facilitated the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and expertise. Discussions centered around the most pertinent next steps and directions within the realm of remote sensing and its potential applications, fostering a dialogue that bridges the gap between research capabilities and the needs of stakeholders and policymakers. Silvia Merlino and Giuseppe Suaria from CNR-ISMAR had the opportunity to present the Citizen Science activities of Nautilos WP12.