We are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming European Maritime Day (EMD) 2024. The event, scheduled to take place on May 30-31 in Svendborg, Denmark, will serve as a physical gathering at the SIMAC Academy – Svendborg International Maritime Academy.

EMD is an annual two-day gathering that brings together Europe’s maritime community to network, discuss, and collaborate on maritime affairs and sustainable blue economy initiatives. As a focal point where “Ocean Leaders Meet,” EMD offers a dynamic and interactive platform to address various aspects of the blue economy and marine environment, facilitating discussions on strategies for progress.

Nautilos will contribute to this dialogue by showcasing its cutting-edge technology and project results at booth number 68 on the third floor of the exhibition space. Visitors can expect to explore Nautilos’ innovative solutions aimed at advancing ocean observation and supporting sustainable marine practices. Make sure you join us at EMD 2024, we look forward to meeting you there!