Meet our WP3 Leader!

Name: Andy Smerdon
Institution: Aquatec Group, Basingstoke UKt
My role in Nautilos: I am acting as leader for Work Package 3 – one of two WPs targeting the development of the new advanced instrumentation that lies at the heart of the NAUTILOS science campaigns. I am personally focused on the development of a new acoustic profiler instrument (Task 3.4) for monitoring suspended material in the water column. I also keep an eye on Aquatec’s other key involvements in the development of two new passive acoustic monitoring instruments (Task 3.3) and the provision of through-water communications links (Task 5.1).

Who am I: I graduated in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK before working as a software and electronics engineer for two different underwater acoustics companies in the 1980s. In 1990, I founded Aquatec to develop subsea instrumentation and communication systems for marine science and offshore energy, and continue to work directly with instrumentation development alongside my CEO role. I am currently studying for a PhD in engineering at the University of Aberdeen, focusing on the advancement of acoustic profiling techniques.
When not in the office, photography and music are my creative outlets, and any remaining energy is directed at the athletics track, where I am a regular competitor in ultra-multievent athletics championships.