Meet our Project Coordinator!

Name: Gabriele Pieri
Institution: Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) – National Research Council of Italy, in Pisa
My role in Nautilos: I am coordinating the Project, and also acting as Work Packages 1 and 8 leader; the coordinating role is very challenging and requires a commitment that is very different from the usual researcher work; besides that, the role in Work Package 8 is very centred on my research activities and I believe that data processing and management is a pivotal objective for many different activities in NAUTILOS.

Who am I: I got my MSc in computer science from the University of Pisa, after that I started my career as a young fellow at my actual Institute (ISTI) in Pisa since 2001 under the leadership of Dr. Ovidio Salvetti. The main interests of research have always been based on various aspects pertaining to the analysis of images, videos and multimedia. This aspect has led me to work in many different and varied fields of application: from video surveillance to applications for smart cities; from artificial intelligence applications to marine information systems.
As a consequence of this heterogeneous background, during the past years I worked on different projects ranging from the maintenance of industrial factories to support for clinical management; from smart parking and mobility applications to environmental and pollution monitoring at sea. All this variety of application fields has helped to keep the interest and liveliness of my work always high.
As a personal hobby, as I have been doing since I was 10, I continue to passionately play basketball with a team of friends.