Against the backdrop of the renowned World Ocean Race, a week-long series of talks and workshops addressing critical themes related to sustainability, the blue economy, smart cities, and citizen science unfolded in Genova from June 27th to June 30th, 2023, organised by ETT. This dedicated week provided a tangible platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among Europe’s most influential figures in the sustainability arena. It actively contributed to the global discourse on ocean preservation and sustainable development.

Acknowledging the indispensable role of the ocean in Earth’s ecosystem is pivotal for its sustainable stewardship and responsible utilisation. A full day was dedicated to the exploration of “Low-Cost/Cost-Effective Technologies for Ocean Data Monitoring and Participatory Initiatives,” underscoring the significance of not confining ocean observation exclusively to experts and scientists. Citizen science offers a collaborative paradigm wherein the general public participates in scientific research projects, contributing valuable data and observations for researchers to analyse.

Furthermore, it emphasised that endorsing and bolstering citizen science initiatives offers policymakers the prospect of democratising marine observation science. This heralds an innovative, self-driven, sustainable, and cost-effective observatory model. Such an approach not only empowers individuals but also facilitates well-informed decision-making founded on the most reliable and comprehensive information available. Recognizing this critical importance, Nautilos unveiled a policy brief titled “Empowering Citizens Through Ocean Knowledge Co-production,” which is accessible here.

Moreover, within the same session, the Nautilos Technology Innovation Board Manager delivered a presentation on the animal tagging system.

This session was organised in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Genova and the Enterprise Europe Network, offering attendees an opportunity to engage in a transnational B2B Ocean Race event where the Nautilos TIB manager also participated.

The full session is available here: